Friday 18 April Young Farmers

Another cold day but plenty happening. After doing breakfast took dogs for walk. Three cottages out with four back in so two cleaners up this morning. I went down to Bakewell to get bits for weekend. Cleaning finished before lunch and I did my bits well before time. Three sets of guests in between 3&4 pm. One set has been here before and have already booked for a week when I a away. The final set arrived about 6pm. In between sorted all the bits out like laundry, post and cooked an early tea. We’d been invited to the Bakewell Young Farmers Annual Showcase at Buxton with Joanna and Andrew. (Ian was performing). The Young Farmers is a way of the youngsters learning practical and social skills. They practise stock judging and other farming related topics and through this and other more social events learn interpersonal skills. The Showcase was a example of the ‘talents’ the group have. The showcase was also performed at local and national Young Farmers competition level and we were treated to singing, dancing, public speaking and a play. During the interval we had a chat with the Rigley’s from Green Cowden, their sons were in the play. Lambing is almost complete and apparently there are some lambs that do need looking after if I wanted to help! We also chatted with Andrews neighbours on the Over Haddon side of the farm. It was interesing to look around and realise that I recognised a lot of the farmimg families, mainly through social events with Joanna and Andrew. Not a late night, after all most of the guests would have to be up early for milking etc.