Friday 16 May Dambusters remembered

Today is the 65th anniversary of the Dambusters raid. Today they had a special service at Ladybower with three fly pasts. One would be a Lancaster only with two fly pasts accompanied by modern jets. We had had some jets fly over during the last day or two, which spooked the dogs, but could not think why they were this way. The last time we saw one was two years ago when we were helping bring some heifers across for the first time. We had rounded them up on Andrews side and suddenly this jet flew over low and fast and two dozen heifers were suddenly scattered over a couple of acres and we had to spend twenty minutes rounding them up again. There were rumours that the fly past would proceed down the Derwent Valley, in which case there was a chance we might catch a glimpse from here. It was much cooler today with drizzle in the air so although we could hear the planes in the distance we did not see them. I spent about half an hour poised with the camera but to no avail.

Back to reality and today four cottages and one B&B out with two cottages and two B&B back in. A trip down town to get weekends provisions and two cleaners up. B&B’s arrived late afternoon and cottages early evening. One has been here before. Compared to last weekend the forecast wasn’t nice, but then its my birthday so I expect no less!