Friday 15 June

We had already had .75 inch rain by 8m but the morning turned a lot fairer even though more rain was forecast. Our American guests left – we had had some interesting stories of their local wildlife. We worry about foxes but imagine finding a bear in your garden! I went to Bakewell for the usual bits for the weekend and banking and also picked up a copy of the Peak Advertiser. I like to see what property is for sale. In the afternoon I thought I would make sure the two smaller cottages were ready for tomorrow. At each change over I do a check of crockery etc but we also do a regular inventory check. I noticed a potato peeler was missing in one of the cottages so replaced it. Sometimes things do get broken. I would rather guests let me know so I can replace them straight away. Things get broken at home so it is only natural things will get broken on holiday. We do have far fewer breakages than we envisaged.

My B&B guests arrived late afternoon just as it started to look ominous. They have been here before. At about 6pm just when we were watching news of the floods in Sheffield (the center of which is only about 15 miles away) it started to rain. Actually it was one of those heavy thundery downpours so the heavens opened. Smudge doesn’t like storms since he got caught in one last year. Blue does not worry, so I had one dog practically glued to my leg for the next hour or so. After tea I made a list of what would need to be done the next day and made sure I was as ready a possible.

By the end of the day we had had over an inch of rain. The wettest day so far this year.