Friday 14 November

A busier day with one cottage out and three back in. Weather got off to a murky start but it turned into a nice day. One cleaner up to turn two cottages around, one had already been done. I thought I ought to mention that I do have a number of cleaners I can call on. I have four regular cleaners and two casuals who can be called on to cover emergencies or help on busy days. I usually manage to find work for the four main ones each week, one can only do Saturdays, one cant do Saturdays, so between them they normally have at least one session here a week. No problems encountered with cleaning today. Chris and the handyman spent most of the day clearing leaves out of the gutters and the courtyard and car park! First guests arrived just after 3pm, the next just after 4pm and the final ones at 5pm. Chris went over to sort someones computer out and I became a computer widow for the evening! Did some work until 9.30 after which Chris got back so we sat down.