Friday 12 October

A busier day with one cottage out and one cottage in and one B&B in. Another lovely day with a good weekend forecast. One cleaner came in and the cottage was quickly turned around. Went down to Bakewell and got the bits for the weekend. Took Smudge as per usual. (Cant remember if I have mentioned I take Smudge most times – good lead training). Came back, had lunch and got bits ready for those coming in. Popped over to see Chris’s parents a few times. Chris took them out for a drive but as I was waiting for guests I could not go. I decided to get some things ready for tomorrow like ironing. Had a few phonecalls for last minute availability. The cottage guests arrived about 4.30 pm and the B&B about 7 pm. Felt like the first time this week I had sat down in the evening.