Friday 10 August Lathkill walk

A Friday with no-one in or out is a rarity. We did have someone leave a day early – sometimes guests find they are invited to weddings etc after they have booked so may arrive a day late or leave a day early. I was hoping we would be able to go for a walk after lunch but Chris had a telephone conference call scheduled for 3pm. He had put up a new door on the courtyard outbuilding which needed painting and I busied myself with various jobs and managed to cross off another from my to do list.

After Chris finished his call it was still early enough to do a short walk. For a long time we have been meaning to try and find a footpath that runs along the top of Lathkill Dale. We cannot find it on any maps – even the newer ones but we have been told you get wonderful views of the dale from it. We parked at the unofficial car park at the head of the dale just outside Monyash just as the last of the cars were leaving for the day. Perhaps this is the best time to walk at popular spots? (I still have Thorpe Cloud to climb yet preferably without hundreds of others!)

We found the footpath in access land without any problem and began the ascent. At the top we walked along and were able to see the source of the Lathkill. We reached the point where we had to decide to take a footpath down and back or carry on and walk home (and return to collect the car later). This would make our intended short walk nearer three miles but it was still warm and light so we went on. If you go up you have to come down and the way down at the other end was a little tricky but it brought us out onto a footpath we use regularly. This leads out of the dale and up to Haddon Grove. We were back home about two and a half hours after setting off. We admired the hot air balloons in the distance before collecting the car. We had a late dinner al fresco – still warm enough to eat outside before retiring to bed and me to put lotion on all the insect nibbles I had collected!