Friday 1 June 2007

After an early breakfast my American (actually Hawaiian) ladies left for London. Two more cottages left this morning and one left this evening rather than rush in the morning.

What a difference a day makes. Today the sun came out and it felt pleasant. Weather facts for May include wettest day Sunday 13 May – .86 in rain (one of the Chatsworth Horse Trials days) and warmest day the 24th reaching a max of 20.9 degrees.

After the usual chores went to Bakewell with Chris and the dogs. Don’t normally have an entourage but needed to get birthday present for Chris’s mum.

As Fridays go this is the start of the quiet season. Out of season when we have guests in for the weekend Friday is often the busiest day but from now until the end of September Saturday is the busy day. Today we had B&B guests coming in. They have been here before both in the B&B and cottages. As it was nice they were able to have their arrival tea on the patio and admire the views.

I had some time to start bringing some hanging baskets down from the grenhouse to hang up over the weekend. Decided summer was on way when I could here the farmers wife rounding up the cows for milking and the sound of grass being cut. Not any old grass but a tractor doing the first cut for silage. Over the next few says over 100 acres of grass in the neighbouring fields will be cut, collected, stored and covered for feed.

As my guests were in by late afternoon I did not have to spend the evening waiting for them to arrive and so was able to get on with other things – like blogging!