Friday 1 feb Weather and weather stats for Jan

More out than in today. A slight covering of snow. One of my business men out (the other went yesterday) plus two other cottages with both B&B and one cottage back in. The early sun started to melt the snow but it clouded up after lunch. Snow was forecast and we kept an eye on advancing clouds. The cottage arrived just after 3pm with my first B&B at 5pm. The final guests turned up at about 7pm as expected. We had a little snow but the bigger worry was ice. Normally the gritters are very good but one set of B&B guests set off for the pub but came back as the road was a bit icy. A flurry of phonecalls in the evening meant I didn’t sit down until 9.30 with the final phone call about 10.15.

Weather stats for Jan: 3rd jan holds 3 records – lowest temp of -2.7 and being the coldest day & night. Warmest night/day was 19/20 Jan with highest temp of 11.3 on 18 Jan. Total 6.9 in rain (6.76 last Jan) with wettest day 15th with 1.13 in.