Friday 1 August July’s weather stats

Another pleasant day with one B&B guest out and both back in. Went down to Bakewell but there seemed to be road works everywhere so it took ages. After doing my usual bits headed off to the Chatsworth Farm shop to buy some bits as we had our friends Steve and Anne calling in for lunch on their way back home from visiting friends. By the time I got home they were already here. After a quick lunch they were back on their way. One cleaner up to do both rooms in the morning but she came back in the evening to do one of the cottages as they left in the evening (this was planned) but it gave us a start on tomorrow as there will only be two cleaners. Defrosted the freezer in the cottage as well. Late afternoon another set of friends arrived for a couple of nights. I cooked us all a dinner. Our first set of B&B guests arrived just after 6pm. They are from Australia and have arrived via Europe. Our second guests arrived about 9pm.
Weather stats for July. Warmest day was 27th with that night being the warmest too. Highest temperature was 25 deg C. Coldest day was the 12th with that night being the coldest with lowest overall temp of 7.4 deg C recorded on the 4th. Wettest day was 6th with .41 in rain. Total rain was 2.87 in compared with 5.72 last year. Highest UV was 9.4 on the 30th.