First Day at Sea

E-mail received from Shirley from the Saga Rose on the way to Norway:

Hello and how are you and the dogs. We left at 5.30 pm with the sea calm and a force 2 wind. We missed the leaving drinks as we were watching us sail. Unpacked and had an explore before dinner at about 7 (informal). This finished about 9pm and we then went for a walk on deck. We have an American single gent and two ladies on our table of six. By the time we had enough of a walk we went back in only to find the midnight feast (which was at 10.45) so we had a look and a nibble then to bed.

‘Henry’ woke us up at 7.30 with our early morning tea. We got up and went for breakfast Janet (Shirley’s Sister) had a cooked one but I had cereal and croissants. Janet then went for her massage and I went for my mini manicure and pedicure. I now have puple nails ready for tonight. Then went to talk about tours. We have decided to do Bergen on our own but have booked a tour for Gerainger. We then listened to a talk on Bergen. At 9am we were over Dogger bank and at midday we were level with Newcastle and Esberg Denmark, there was a competition to guess how far in nautival miles we had travelled. I was one mile out!

Went to lunch in restaurant for lunch with dad then spent a bit of time on deck just relaxing. Had planned to walk around the deck(seven times is a mile!) We are imposing a penalty of a lap around the deck for each cake. We are also walking up and down the stairs as penance but on the whole we are being good food wise. Missed the wine tasting. Now in computer suite drafting an email before sending it.

The sea has more of a swell now and Janet is lying down in our cabin as she is not feeling too good. They are expecting the wind to increase to force 5.

Cocktail drinks before formal dinner tonight.