Decembers weather stats and also 2008’s

December: Warmest day (did we have one?) was 19th with 9.8 deg the highest temperature on 19th. Coldest day was 31st with lowest temp of -6.7 on 31/12. Warmest night was 21/22 Dec and coldest night 30/31 Dec. The 13th was the wettest day with 1.24 in rain and total for month was 3.11 in with 4.93 in last Dec.

2008 Warmest day 27/7 was with highest temp 25 deg on 27/7 and warmest night was 27/28 July. Coldest day was 31/12 with lowest temp of -8 on 20/2. Coldest night was 19/20 Feb. Wettest day was 1 October with 1.35 in rain. Total rain for 2008 was 44.16 in rain.