the annual inspection

After a wonderful sunrise Monday turned a bit overcast in the afternoon.  One cottage out with one arrival and one cleaner up.  Guests arrived about 4pm,  they have been many times before so we had a good chat before they settled into the cottage.  We abandoned the dogs in the evening with Chris going to the Photographic Club and me heading off to Over Haddon for the Village Hall Committee Meeting. Tuesday was supposed to be wet but it stayed dry until late afternoon.  Discovered in the morning that the cows had gone back across the road on Monday, usually they go back later in November,  and that the sheep would be arriving shortly, usually they arrive early in December, and the next thing we knew some sheep arrived in the front field.  One cleaner up in the morning to carry on with the cleaning of the cottages vacated in the last few days and later in the afternoon one cottage arrived.  They have been before. Most of the afternoon went in my annual inspection by the Quality in Tourism Inspector.  Pleased to say everything was fine and she was impressed with the standard of cleaning too!  In the evening we went to the Bulls Head in Monyash for a meal as I never feel like cooking after I have had our inspection. 

Merry Christmas

Our friends are here as are all our guests so just a blog to say Merry Christmas to you all and I will catch up with all the news as soon as I can.  Thank you for all the cards and good wishes and remember all those who will be working over the the next few days!

Bits and pieces

I had a good Tuesday and Wednesday and so did Andrew.  They have done a third silage with cutting on Tuesday and rowing and collecting on Wednesday.  It was the first time for many years he has done a third silage, and although it has increased the overall total for this year, the quality is a bit poorer so it will be suitable only for the youngsters.  On Thursday I was out for most of the day leaving Chris and a cleaner to deal with one departure and two arrivals.  Chris was also kept busy with the builder and roofers.  For me I had a training day at Chatsworth House concerning green marketing and a chance to network.  Despite the forecast it remained dry until I left Chatsworth House and headed home via the Farm Shop.  It really rained hard driving home and at least it was the only interruption to the work on the extension.  Although for an hour or two it looked really threatening and there was the odd rumble which unsettled the dogs.  The first guests had arrived by the time I got back and the final guests arrived about 10.30pm.  Friday was cold and windy although it was quite sunny in the afternoon. One cottage out and one cleaner up.  Time went in making decisions about doors, windows, glass and measuring things but found some time to do some accounts and prepare for tomorrow.  Decided to sit down early and watched the program on the Highgrove Gardens so I know what I missed!

A petal-ing we shall go!

On Thursday morning we went to Bakewell for our six monthly dental check up followed by a quick shop for the weekend.  After lunch Chris went to Over Haddon for the digital work shop but he took me down to the village as I thought I would see if they needed any help with the well dressing.  They were happy for me to help so I spent a couple of hours putting on small silver leaves onto the bottom of the frame with a cocktail stick!  Hope it holds for the length of the week.  Next week there is a bumper crop of well dressings in the area including Youlgreave and Tideswell.  Again in the evening we went and helped round up the cows.  Friday was much cooler and the forecast was for light showers although our light shower lasted from 11.30 to about 2.30 so no gardening for me.  Did some odd jobs around the hose and some accounts and for the last time this week we helped get the cows in for milking.  The sun came out about 6pm so I went out for an hour in our peak district cottages gardens or so and put more plants in.  Nearly there now!