Boxing Day

Up and after a breakfast we set off with our friends for a walk. Boxing Day always sees the High Peak Hunt set off from Bakewell and going down to Bakewell we got caught up with the horses going to the starting point. Bakewell was quite busy as we drove through and headed up to the old station. Here we set off for a five or so mile walk leaving the fellows to do the map reading for a change! Good start because we argued over the first turn but we got back on track heading up to Ballcross Farm. From here we started across Calton Pastures stopping for a few minutes to search out Bolehill Farm on the horizon which we found with the binoculars. From here we headed to Manners Wood where we stopped at the same place for lunch as we did the last time we were here ,the place with the wonderful views that were now obscured by the trees. This time we headed off to Haddon Hall rather than Rowsley and on the way found the old railway tunnel entrance that goes under the estate. We had the option of walking back along the river to Bakewell or taking the Monsal Trail. We found ourselves on the latter which meant no climb at the end of the walk. It had been a nice walk on a reasonably sunny afternoon. Back home we relaxed a little and I left the office light on for a few hours in case anyone needed anything but no-one rung the bell. No emails either! We had a buffet tea and a game of trivial pursuits. Back to work tomorrow.