Boxing Day 2008 Boxing Day Hunt & Baslow Edge

Up and a lovely sunny start. One thing we have always meant to do since moving here is see the Hunt set off from Bakewell on Boxing Day and today seemed a good a day as any. We thought it set off from the Co-Op car park at about 11am but we got there for 10.45 and it was still quite empty. Turned out it was about 11.30 when they set off. Bumped into Mike and Sandra from Ashford and Mike knew a good vantage point for photos. The horses started arriving about 11am with the main bunch and dogs about 11.15. Stragglers followed until they were ready for the off. I took a number of pictures as the High Peak Hunt set off. They lay a chemical trail for the hounds to follow. After this we set off for Baslow as I had planed a short walk along Baslow Edge. We set off from Baslow itself and after a staedy climb reached the Edge not far from Wellingtons Memorial. We walked along the Edge, stopping for lunch in a sheltered spot with a lovely view before heading back to Baslow along a lower path. It was quite boggy in places despite little recent rain and unfortunately I misjudged one jump and fell in a boggy patch so trousers needed washing when we got back! It was an enjoyable walk with some lovely views including some nice views towards Chatsworth House, but either the sun was in the wrong position or it was too hazy to take some good shots. Headed back home and was just changing when I saw the hunt go back along the road towards Bakewell. If we had been a few minutes later we could have got some shots of them along the road. So back to work with a busy changeover tomorrow and some panning to do as well as some emails to deal with before dinner and sitting down.