Bergen – Norway

18 July Still at sea but swell has started to increase and movement has become more noticeable. Sister not feeling well and has retired to the cabin. Been to check on father who is OK. Decided to give Captains Cocktail Drinks a miss and go straight to dinner. Formal evening tonight but sister not well enough to go. Neither were others looking at the number of empty spaces at the tables. Only four of us made it to our table. Even I was starting to feel queasy but in the dining room the motion was not noticeable. Had lobster for dinner. Like my fish. Had a fish curry at lunchtime.
Had wanted to go to the quiz night but left dinner table to late. Waiter remembered I preferred fruit tea in evening. Checked on sister who was sort of sleeping so went upstairs to see if I could get a mobile signal. Tried a few places but could not. Must have been in one of those blind spots in the middle of the north sea. Stopped of at one of the bars and had a night cap. The Captain walked past and said hello and I asked if he was doing the blog so my husband would know what was happening. After a quizzical look I explained I was here with my sister and dad. He said the blog usually goes out late. I know that feeling!
Went early to bed – well relatively early for a holiday but after a relatively sleepless night last night I was tired. Woke up feeling refreshed only to discover it was only 1.15 am. (Still a little light). Had trouble getting back to sleep as the swell had picked up and it was very noticeable. There were a few big ups & downs and one real bang and you could hear the waves hitting the side of the boat (dad was a few cabins along but nearer the front said he could see them coming over the porthole. Finally managed a few hours sleep.
First port of call in Bergen a lovely City. As we had decided to go independently we had an early morning call at 8am to give those who were going on tours a chance to have their breakfast. Sister was feeling more human so jumped out of bed and opened the curtains and said WOW! Bad news was we were in the freight part of the port but still had a lovely view of the city. After breakfast (I’m not having cooked ones) took the shuttle bus to town. Discovered four other cruise ships – two of which were big were in so it meant we had to queue for the Funicular – but it was worth it. We ate lunch with lovely views of the city. We then wandered around the old town. A part is old wooden buildings, the Bryggen, which is now a world heritage site. We went to the Cathedral and just wandered around. Having heard that prices were expensive we went in to some shops to have a look. Also went to the fish market which was fascinating. Bought a souvenir of Norway – a lovely woolen hat! Love my hats – this will be great for walking the dogs in winter.
Back to the boat by 3.30. The day had been mainly sunny and I guess about 19 degrees. Took some photos of Bergen from the boat and also of the big ugly cruise ship departing that was next to us (Celebrity cruises). Had afternoon tea with dad, but we are being good and not eating too much. Had a piece of cake and some fruit.

It is now 6pm and we are just departing Bergen. We may be incommunicado whilst up in the Fjords.