Bakewell Raft Race

IMG_3354Wednesday was a quiet at home day, chatting to guests, doing accounts, doing jobs in vacant cottages see here for details. I have been having a splurge on washing items such as cushion covers, mattress protectors etc. I have a rota for washing these but with a number of cottages empty for a few days it seemed a good idea to get some done, especially with some good drying weather. There was a number of jobs for Chris too. IMG_3357When he went to put up the new hanging bracket he found a number of bolts holding down the roof of the outbuilding had come loose so he bolted that back down. Later in the afternoon I went down to the Co-Op to get some provisions. After dinner I popped down to Joanna’s for this months WI committee meeting. Main topics of discussion were our entry for the Bakewell Show in the WI competition and the group meeting we will be hosting next spring. Thursday was a warmer day. A busy morning with two departures and one cleaner up. In the afternoon I did some more accounts and got cottages ready for Friday. We had an early dinner then headed down to Bakewell to watch the raft race and terrier racing. These are regular events held during carnival week but we never get to see them. We knew Ian was taking part in the raft race. We decided to watch the race from Scots Garden (the meadow by the bridge) as it was near the start and it was quieter and we found somewhere to sit! IMG_3364We took the dogs but as the first raft passed us and Blue barked we wondered if it was the wrong decision, but after a couple of woofs he settled. We thought there would be just a couple of dozen rafts but there were over a hundred. A lot of these were decorated and the rafters were in costumes. Most were children but there were a few adults including Ian. After the last raft had passed us we walked back into Bakewell along the river by Felicini’s and over the iron bridge which was very busy with people still watching the rafts making their way to the finishing point by the cricket ground. We walked over to where the terrier racing was and watched a few races before making our way back to the car. Other events during the week included the Duck Race on Wednesday and the wheelbarrow race on Friday (a circuit round the pubs in Bakewell!) and of course the carnival itself on Saturday.