At Home Wednesday 11 March

A pleasant day today. Joanna has heard the curlews so another sign of spring. Just puting second load of washing in the machine when at 8am the seasons leaflets for Chatsworth House and Haddon Hall arrived. Ten minutes later a new grill pan arrived to replace the deformed one in the oven where the thermostat needs replacing, and the engineer came a few hours later to replace the thermostat. In the mean time I did some accounts. James from Haddon Grove called in and had a look at the cottage where Chris and the handyman are dry lining one of the walls. He is considering using the same insulation technique in some of his cottages. After lunch some housework ad bits around the cottages before dinner. Then Joanna came and collected me and one of the guests to go to the WI meeting. Tonight we had a local speaker from Youlgreave who talked about her attempt at sustainable living. Very interesting and topical.