April and Easter

The beginning of April saw another warm spell with a warm weekend the weekend before Easter.  The cows came out for summer pasture on the 8th but with a busy Saturday we were unable to see them leave the sheds.   Made a trip to the Garden Tea Room on its first weekend of opening.  Easter weekend was cooler with Christmas Day being warmer than Easter Sunday, but we have had more white Easters than Christmas’s since we have been here. With many schools back by the Wednesday after Easter we had a quiet spell and the chance to start outside jobs.  We made an earlier than usual trip to Lea Gardens where many plants were already in bloom.  The last week in April was quite cold with a number of wintry showers but nothing settled.  The month finished with the Farmers Market, Bakewell Food Festival and the May Day Bank Holiday weekend.

Weather stats for April.  Highest temp 20.3C on 9th which was the warmest day with 8th being warmest night.  Coldest day was 25th with coldest night 24th and lowest temp -1.3C on 25th.  Wettest day 14th with .19 inches rain with a total of .84 inches for April (2.36 inches in April 2016)