And then there was one.. Sunday 8 February

With another band of snow forecast a watchful eye was kept on the weather. Three of our Peak District cottages out with none back in. Down to get the paper and called in to Andrews to book the snow plough just in case! It started to flurry about 3pm and started to snow lightly about 4pm. Went to put the chickens away but with daylight hours getting longer they were still out and about. Making my way back I saw Blue was interested in something and when I went to investigate found a pile of feathers. A bit further along we found the rest of the body and unfortunately it was already dead. Blue had been barking at something earlier on so we assume he saw or heard the commotion and knows the culprit but he cannot tell us what it was. We had to think about other planned activities for Monday too. I had to check which cleaners could make it. With rubbish collections and laundry collections also scheduled I had to consider whether I would need to do the laundry myself and we even thought about wheeling the wheelie bin to the bottom of the drive, all 250 yards of it, but decided against it in case the dust cart couldn’t get here from Ashbourne anyway. Some accounts and then dinner and sat down for 8pm.