All over the place Saturday 2 May

A busy day with two cottages out of our derbyshire cottages and five back in. As soon as cottages had left (with one booking again for later in the year) and cleaner arrived I went down to the Bakewell Auction Centre where the annual plant auction was about to take place. For once there was little there that I was interested in and after a couple of hours came home with nothing! While I was there I met Sally from Peak District On-line (local accommodation web site) who introduced the Beautiful South to us. (For those who do not know from elsewhere, the Beautiful South recorded part of their last album ‘Superbi‘ here – we are on the credits). She has recently moved house so she is stocking her garden. Back home did the final checks on cottages arriving today before lunch. Chris got a phone call to help move some cows across to this side of the road. They were the same ones that caused the problems last year so as a precaution I waited at the bottom of the drive but they decided to behave. First guests arrived just before 3pm after which Andrew and Joanna called in for a cup of tea having checked all the cows are where they are supposed to be. Remaining guests bar one arrived between 4 & 6pm, one has been here before. Cooked an early dinner then headed down to the Bakewell parish church where a piano recital took place in honour of the recently donated new piano. An enjoyable evening during which time our final guests arrived. Phew what a day!