Abandoned! Sunday 22 Feruary

At least it felt as if we were being abandoned. After being so full for the last week or so seven guests departed at various times during the day from our peak district cottages. Four cottages were out by 10am then went down to Bakewell to get paper. Still very busy in town. Back and then some chores around the house before an early lunch. We then went off to Chesterfield on a fridge hunting expedition and found a suitable one so ordered three which will be delivered in the next couple of weeks. Went to Wilkinsons and got a few bits. Not a lot of shops open in Chesterfield on a Sunday. M&S and Primark were and there were a few market stalls operating. Back home and some house work done and phoned my sister. Will be going down again soon. Later three more cottages departed leaving one alone! A few phone calls then dinner and sat down.