A sociable day Thursday 5 March

Took our friends to Longnor this morning where we had coffee. On the way back we stopped at the Brierlow Bar Bookshop. Could easily spend hours in there and did come away with a couple of books. Our friends then headed back home and we had a quick bite before carrying on with work. A nice day today and a nice weekend forecast for guests arriving in one of our peak district cottages this afternoon. Chris finished the carpeting in one of the apartments and I helped put furniture back. Guests arrived just after 4pm. One of the Over Haddon residents came up with a flyer for a talk being held that evening by Natural England on the River Lathkill. As the talk was quite early we had an early dinner before heading to the village hall at Over Haddon. Bumped into Blores Barn Farm a bit further towards Monyash. When we were doing a lot of outside work they were able to help us with some machinery and it was them who put us in touch with the owners of Smudge and Blue who are now five years old. Normally we meet up at the plant auction in May. They start lambing at the end of the month. The talk was very interesting and looked at the geological factors that affect the river including a plug of basalt which forces the river up from where it runs underground. Other factors affecting the flow are the soughs that were dug during the lead mining era, these were channels dug to lower the water table so mines could be dug deeper. We were also informed about the wildlife that was unique or rare to the river and dale. Overall the talk took about two hours but we had a chance to watch Heroes when we got back.