a quiet day? Monday 23 March

A very windy day. It was hard walking the dogs. Two of our peak district cottages out with one back in. Chris and the handyman had some work planned in the cottages but with a cleaning schedule in place I had to see how this would be affected and subsequently make changes. Laundry, dustbins and oil deliveries were a part of the morning. One cleaner up but with only one cottage to do we spent some time putting up new lampshades and curtains in some cottages. Whilst we were checking items I found a badly scratched frying pan. It was a new non stick one I had bought just after Xmas. It was not a cheap one either. I provide non scratch utensils so I can only assume they used the metal cutlery. Have decided to use only stainless steel frying pans now as I am getting fed up of buying non stick ones and throwing them away. Was having a late lunch (2.30pm) when cottage arrived but it meant I could pop down into Bakewell. The market was already closing although it was only just gone 3pm. When got back did some more bits in a cottage then an Internet shop from Waitrose as they kindly sent me some vouchers. Cooked dinner then caught up with emails and bookings for the day. No blog tomorrow as going to see Chris’s parents. Sat down for 9pm and watched both last weeks and this weeks episodes of Heroes.