A lot going on! Friday 6 March

A lovely day forecast which is nice for those who are spending the final day of their break here in our peak district cottages. One cottage out with two back in. Drove one cottage to Monyash so they could walk back along Lathkill Dale. When got back found our three new fridges had been delivered. Cleaner for today had arrived and after a coffee went down to Bakewell to get bits for weekend. Back and after checking the peak district cottages required for today and having lunch did a few odd jobs in the cottages before first guests arrived at 3pm. They have been here before as B&B guests. Next guests weren’t due to arrive until later in the evening so had a chance to get a few more things done including help put a new fridge in a cottage but we also had to change the door over. After dinner sat down until our final guests arrived about 9.30 and then I could relax.