a busy saturday 4 April

Three of our peak district cottages out this morning with five due back in. Two cleaners up to finish cleaning the remaining four cottages. A couple of minor problems but otherwise all finished with time to spare. Did a few more odd jobs and hung up the ironed curtains. Four cottages arrived between 3 & 4 pm. A lot of cottages have dogs this week and I was reading that this will be the year of the dog – that is people taking their dogs on holiday in the UK so hopefully some will bring them to our dog friendly cottages. A number of our guests are in the for the week which means I should have some more time this week to catch up with jobs. Started to make a list! Made a few phone calls and final guests arrived about 5.30. We still belong to a number of B&B forums and some of the stories that go around are quite amusing. One contributor has suggested that B&B providers are suppresed comedians! Cooked dinner, answered some emails and sat down for 8.30pm. Am going to try and finish earlier from this week onwards. Hm, remeber saying that many times before.