A busy Monday – 16 February

Open the curtains to a green landscape. After two weeks of snow most has now gone with just ribbons of snow behind walls as a reminder of what has happened. Three cottages out with three back in. Three cleaners up today with one cottage a bit messy so I helped with beds. Chris went down to the market early and Bakewell was getting busy by the time he came back. Of the arrivals today two cottages have been here before although the last time one of them was here was before we arrived. Quick bite for lunch at 2pm. First cottage arrived about 2.15 and as it was not quite ready suggested they used the games room as they had some children. Was able to let them in after I had done my final checks about 15 minutes later. Helped finish final cottage so all were finished by just after 3pm. Second cottage arrived about 3.30 and third cottage about 4.30. After dinner Chris went to the Bakewell Photographic Society and I did some filing and paper work and a bit of housework too!