24/25 July back to reality

Chris picked me up from Macclesfield station and we got back home at about 6pm. En route we saw a local farmer collecting mown grass. Some farmers are still trying to do their first cut. Apparently one of Andrews wheat fields is ready for cutting but no-one is available to cut because they are so far behind. This wheat is needed for winter feed.

Back home there were no cows on the fields as a few days ago some of the youngsters had wanderlust and kept on wandering out into the road. As ASBO’s were of no use he moved them to a different field. we also had a new tarmac drive which had been laid whilst I was away.

It was nice an sunny when I got back – perhaps I had bought summer back with me?

Well perhaps not as the next morning it was grey and trying to rain. Took the dogs for a walk after doing breakfast – yes back in the swing already! Had a room to turn around too, for guests coming in that evening (last minute booking yesterday). Went down to Bakewell in the afternoon to start stocking up again. Soon start forgetting about holidays when there is a lot to catch up with like paying bills….

B&B guests arrived about 8.30 pm having eaten en route.