Walking the dogs by 7.30am. Thought I would give them a good walk before I did breakfast and then it would not matter if they did not go out again until later. They recognise routines so as soon as I had my breakfast I had two dogs looking at me as if to say ‘are you taking us out now?’ I told them I already had but they were not happy until we went out again. By this time the cows were closer to the garden so Blue would not go into the field anyway.

Breakfast went without a hitch, a relief as I was doing it on my own. As far as I know I remembered everything but I do miss Chris when he’s not here as it was 11.30 before I finished tidying up etc Mind you I was chatting to the guests after breakfast for a while. One couple have booked to come back next Easter and the other couple were interested in the cottages, so although I could not show them any on the inside, I showed them our photo album and before they left gave them an external tour of the cottages.

I had two more external tours today. Often people call in to collect a brochure and if I can show them around a cottage I will, if not then I take them around the courtyard and explain each cottage.

The weather started fine today but by lunchtime had deteriorated. By early afternoon I could barely see our neighbours farm about half a mile away. Then by late afternoon the sun came out and it was nice for a few hours. More showers tomorrow. At this rate May will be the second wettest month this year after January. Well 6 inches will be hard to beat. Weather facts for May tomorrow.

Both B&B guests departed today and one of the cleaners came to clean the rooms. I had three American ladies arrive this afternoon. They have come down from the Lake District and then go onto London on Friday for a few nights before flying to Italy for a few more days. Jealous! They decided to have a take away curry and as Chris was not here I had one too. He does not like spicy food so I rarely have a proper curry. I also spent some time with them advising them on various things.

As I had an hour or so ‘free’ this afternoon I decided to tackle some sewing jobs, but did not get them finished so ended up finishing what I had started at 3.30 pm at 9 pm. It is during the summer when guests are mainly in for the week that I get some of these jobs done. I have two task lists on the computer, one is a general one and one a list of things I need to do at the next change over such as defrosting fridges.

By the time I had finished the evening chores it was 8.30 pm. Chris’s brother and my other cleaner phoned and I laid the table for breakfast. I took the dogs to put the chickens away but went via the garden. Smudge woofed at a nearby cow and that brought a few others up to the fence to investigate. The cows have always been fascinated by the dogs and vice versa but I could see Blue was starting to panic with so many cows around (what has brought on this phobia we don’t know) so we went back around the house and up the guest garden to put the hens to bed. Smudge took up his usual position by the shed door but one hen was still out and she would not go back in with Smudge blocking the door. Smudge would not budge even when I waved some biscuits in front of him (Chris wont believe that!) In the end I headed back to the house and Smudge started to follow so I then dashed back and locked the hens in for the night. Guests must have wondered what I was doing!

As could not see anything interesting on TV I am blogging in the office, with the dogs. One is lying at my feet, the other by the door looking out into the courtyard. Will have an early night tonight. Had planned to tidy up some paper work but that can wait, just one email to do and a bill to pay before finishing for the day. Had a few phone calls today but no bookings – in that respect it is a quieter time of the year. Had quite a few emails but most were inviting me to advertise on their websites.